“When my husband and I moved to Pittsfield, MA, he had one requirement. He wanted to be close enough to somewhere to walk in order to buy the newspaper. We put our roots down not far from Park Square and enjoy walking downtown to breakfast, the Berkshire Museum, The Colonial Theatre and the Beacon Cinema as well as to bike or walk to work at our North Street office.

We bank, eat, have our clothes cleaned, our cars repaired and entertain our friends downtown. We frequesnt downtown merchants not only for the convenience of doing so but because the service offered is not to be found elsewhere. We don’t have to wander around aimlessly looking for what we need as help is offered or immediately available when asked for. Some of downtown’s merchants are people we’ve known for years and/or grew up with. And at those locations where we don’t know them, they have introduced themselves and remember our names when we come in. As small business owners ourselves, we appreciate the community that downtown Pittsfield has to offer.”

-Janet R. Smargie (Pittsfield, MA)

“It’s exciting to know there is so much to do in downtown Pittsfield now! I love finding so many unique things within the stores that you would never find in a mall or those big box stores, like Walmart. Keep the special events and fun coming … I especially love 3rd Thursdays in the summer!”

– Lucy H. (Lanesboro, MA)

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