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Downtown Pittsfield, Inc. (DPI) is pleased to announce Berkshire Health Systems, Inc. (BHS) as the 2017 recipient of its annual President’s Award for BHS’s contribution to the growth of downtown Pittsfield.  This award and others will be presented at DPI’s Annual Meeting on Thursday, May 18 at the Beacon Cinema, located at 57 North Street in Pittsfield.

This year’s meeting will adopt the theme of “Healthy Living” as it honors a longtime leader in the fitness and healthy living movements. Berkshire Health Systems has been a significant driver of growth for Pittsfield’s downtown businesses, and has for many years designated a representative to serve on DPI’s Board of Directors. This has allowed DPI to join forces with exemplary contributors who understand how a strong downtown and a top-notch community hospital can be active partners.  What is not widely known is that BHS and its affiliate Berkshire Healthcare Systems, Inc. (BHCS) have bolstered critical downtown development by taking significant space and paying market rentals in key buildings such as Clocktower and the Central Block, even when there was alternative space available on the BHS campuses.  David Phelps, CEO of BHS and BHCS, has always understood the importance of a healthy downtown to the prospects of Pittsfield and all of Berkshire County.

“We are very fortunate to have in our downtown a five-star hospital system that serves all elements of our community and then makes the extra effort to support downtown development in multiple ways.  In addition, BHS is a trailblazer in workplace wellness and healthy living,” said Jesse Cook-Dubin, President of DPI.  “One of the strongest selling points of Pittsfield and the rest of the Berkshires is that we are an active community, with endless options for outdoor recreation in particular.  I am excited to give the President’s Award to an institution that has made substantial investments in the downtown and the wellbeing of the people who live here.

Always the first to pitch in and lend a hand on quality of life initiatives, BHS and its representatives have helped create a 2-mile walking loop used by both downtown employees and residents alike, taken leadership positions on anti-smoking legislation and signage, and developed the Wellness at Work program, a popular program with downtown employers that aims to improve the well-being of their employees and reduce healthcare costs.  Also, piloted by BHS in Pittsfield in 2013, The Life Enhancement Program, which looks at wellness as more than medical appointments and weight loss, now has been successfully expanded throughout Berkshire County.

“Our patient care and support teams recognize that their role in helping to build and sustain a healthy community must be more than just aiding the ill and injured.  We have also dedicated ourselves to assisting our friends and neighbors here in Pittsfield and throughout the county in developing and maintaining healthier lifestyles to prevent illness and injury in the first place,” said Mr. Phelps.  “Our core mission includes working with partners like Downtown Pittsfield, Inc. and its many dedicated members to assure a healthier and safer community.”

The public is invited to recognize Berkshire Health Systems and to network with downtown Pittsfield stakeholders at this free event on May 18. Enjoy a continental breakfast beginning at 7:30 a.m., followed by the meeting from 8 a.m.–9:15 a.m. The program will include the election of directors and officers; an awards presentation; remarks by Downtown Pittsfield, Inc. President Jesse Cook-Dubin; and other organization business.

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