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The Downtown Pittsfield App allows you to easily browse downtown directories and take walking tours on your cell phone. The app uses GPS to give you the confidence to explore and discover the places around you. Use the Downtown Pittsfield App to explore art shows and outdoor, public art as part of First Fridays Artswalk and Pittsfield’s Artscape, as well as other downtown initiatives and events brought to you by Downtown Pittsfield, Inc. and the Downtown Pittsfield Cultural Association.

While in tour mode, use the follow-me feature to see where you are as you navigate to different points of interest. If you’d prefer to stray from the path and not be confined to the tour route, you can take tours in “free roam” mode. Virtual tours can also be enabled if you’re not physically in the area, or when you’re in planning mode and just want an overview of the tour before making your visit.

The Downtown Pittsfield App is made possible by a generous donation by the Feigenbaum Foundation.

Download the FREE Downtown Pittsfield App:
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