The City of Pittsfield Mobile App – PittSMART
(Pittsfield Municipal Assistance & Reporting Technology)


To submit a request to the City of Pittsfield, please log in to Accela PittSMART on their website if you already have an account, or sign up using the buttons on that page.


Or click on the iOS or Android link to get the FREE PittSMART app for your smartphone.


Once logged in, please select the appropriate city department you would like to submit your request to and then select from the appropriate request type. Once your request is submitted you will receive an email notification and be able to track your request to completion.



Use the convenient PittSMART app to report issues and requests to the City of Pittsfield’s Department of Public Services. Request street sweeping, street repair (i.e. potholes, trenches, crosswalks, and curbs), tree removal, or damaged or ill-functioning traffic signals. Contact Pittsfield’s Building Maintenance Department to report graffiti on a city building or the Fire Department to report a fire hazard or junk vehicle. Easily contact the Water Department to report dirty water or hydrant repair; and Pittsfield’s Health Department to report a sidewalk obstruction, illegal dumping of trash, tall grass over 10 inches, or a vacant property not secure.


There are many other types of issues you can report using the PittSMART app and the organization within the app makes it easy to see where to report a specific issue! Simply select a department and request type. Upload a photo from your phone and include the address and a brief description of the issue, and then click submit!



The app also gives you contact information for Pittsfield city councilors and officials as well as gives quick access to the City of Pittsfield’s website.



Download the app today for your smartphone so you will have it handy if you ever need to report an issue or contact a city official!

Click on the iOS or Android link to get the FREE PittSMART app for your smartphone!

Quick PittSMART Video Tutorial!