Parking Info Downtown Pittsfield MA

There is metered parking in downtown Pittsfield on weekdays. Paying for downtown parking is simple when using the multi-space parking meter kiosks throughout downtown!


Pay By Plate Parking

Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm

Parking is ALWAYS free after 4 pm and on weekends and holidays


How to Park

1) Park vehicle in space

2) ALWAYS enter your license plate number – even for the first FREE 30 minutes

3) Pay parking fee at meter or use app

4) Retain receipt for proof of payment. There is no need to display ticket on dash.


How to Pay

Always enter your plate number – even for the first FREE 30 minutes

  • Meters – coin and credit card only
  • Passport Parking App –

North Street parking = Zone 1012 ($1/hour, 3-hour limit)

Additional street parking = Zone 1015 ($1/hour)

Lot parking = Zone 1014 (50 cents/hour)

Downtown Pittsfield Parking

You can conveniently pay for parking in downtown Pittsfield on your phone. Download the Passport Parking app from either the App Store or Google Play.


Passport Parking – Park. Pay. Be on your way.

Additional downtown parking information!


North St. and some of South St. is downtown metered parking as well as around Bank Row and some side streets near City Hall. Refer to the Google map.

City Lot 1  |  Melville St.  |  48 spaces marked 3 hours. The rest are permit parking.

City Lot 2  |  Willis St.  |  6 spaces marked 3 hours. The rest are permit parking.

City Lot 3  |  First St.  |  M-F 8am-6pm: 90 minute, 3 hour and metered and permit parking.

City Lot 5  |  McKay St.  |  Parking garage permit only until 5pm; free nights and weekends | Spaces in front of garage M-F 8am-4pm 3 hours. | McKay St. lot metered

Greystone Building Lot | 10 spaces: 5am-Midnight 90 minute per signs on parking spaces. | Midnight-5am. No Parking. | 15 spaces: have no signs on parking spaces, appear to be regulated by sign on North St. curb saying M-F 8am-4pm. 90 minute. | 2 Handicap spaces.

Bradford St. | 5am-Midnight: 15 spaces. 90 Minutes, some 2 hours.

Union St. | 13 spaces. 8am-6pm (Except Thursday 8am-9pm) 90 minutes, some 60 minutes.

Depot St. | 8am-4pm: 17 spaces, 3 hour.

Edwin St. | M-F 8am-4pm: 40 spaces, 3 hour.

Summer St. | 5am-Midnight: 12 spaces, 90 minute.

Alley behind Adlib block | 16 spaces, 90 minute.



Palace Park | M-F Midnight-5pm: No public parking. | M-F 5pm-Midnight: Free public parking. | Sat-Sun: Free public parking all day.

Senior Center | Sticker parking only.

510 North St. | There are no signs restricting parking.

St. Joseph Church | Church parking only. Violators will be towed.

TD Bank | Customer parking and permit parking only. Violators will be towed.