If any photo has been omitted, please email [email protected] and we will see if it was missed. Thank you!

Dear Pictures with Santa,

I want to personally apologize for the delay of these photos. A few days after this event, my grandmother sadly passed away. My grandmother along with my grandfather were the people who raised me, and I was my grandmother’s caretaker for the last few years. My grandfather passed away in 2017.

Well grieving this major loss, I did a lot of reflection. Though photos have always been important to me in capturing a moment to keep forever, in the same way it was important for my grandfather, these past few weeks have forced me to more closely contemplate on what a photograph is. The answer that I came up with is that they are reminders. Reminders of the love we have for each other and the moments we have shared. When we look at a photograph like the ones I took of you and/or your children, we see the people who mean the world to us and who have made a difference in our lives. Sometimes we are even reminded of the people who aren’t in the photo,but were a part of the moment it was taken. The best part? Whenever we look at these photographs we can continue to relive those moments for as long as we live. Or when we pass away, people may have a moment of happy nostalgia as they remember us. I know that in the past few weeks looking at pictures of my grandparents has helped me to process grief, and to feel closer to them.

I bring this up because as you look and share these photos, I hope you remember all the great people you have in your life, and the love that you have for them. I hope that you get reminded of the happy moments others had photos taken of you. And most of all, I just hope that you are surrounded by love this holiday season with your family and friends, and that you have the treasure of feeling that love to its fullest!

I again apologize about the delay in getting these to you, and I hope you can forgive me! I know many of you plan to use them for holiday purposes, and this delay may have put you behind schedule. Do know however that I put a lot of love into them as I worked on them for all of you! Happy Holidays, and don’t forget to take as many photos as you possibly can!

Autumn Phoenix
(Autumn Phoenix Photography)