Pittsfield Community Design Center

429 North Street. Pittsfield MA 01201
[email protected]

Our mission is to inspire positive changes to Pittsfield’s urban design, in order to build more connected, authentic, neighborly, and strong communities around the city.

Our plan of action is to be an “urban room” that is open for anyone wanting to make a change for their street and neighborhood; to be a hub of resources, knowledge, and action for community design.

Pittsfield Community Design Center has four main goals:

  • Placemaking: Block parties, open streets, and activating public spaces

  • Education: How do roundabouts, bike lanes, road diets, and other road designs make everyone safer?

  • Direct action: Walk audits, workshops, group rides, pop-up events, and project demonstrations.

  • Workspace: Provide a location for resources, supplies, events, and collaboration.