Blog Archive“The Journey III” Art Exhibition at October 6 First Fridays Artswalk. Downtown Pittsfield, MA

“The Journey III” Art Exhibition (“El viaje III”): October 6, 5 to 8 pm


Downtown Pittsfield, Inc. has partnered with Katunemo: Art & Healing to bring “The Journey III”, an exhibition featuring the work of eighteen artists from different countries in Latin America and Europe, to their conference room at 33 Dunham Mall for one-night only, Friday, October 6, from 5 to 8 pm, during the First Fridays Artswalk in downtown Pittsfield.

“The Journey” Art Exhibition is a way to celebrate the life, emotional process, and artistic journeys of different local and immigrant artists. The exhibition is a Hispanic Heritage Month celebration full of photography, visual art, and live music by artists of all ages who come from different countries in Latin America and Europe.

The featured artists are Sheila Franco, David Melchor, Derly Toloza, Diana Rodriguez, Juanita Latorre Silva, Nicole Herasme, Shelsy Rodriguez, Thayna Dias, Estiven Sosa, Micaela Soasti, Valentina Morales, Marina Dominguez, Angie Soasti, Clara Guatta, Claire Saussol, Aylen Dominguez, Jeffrey Moises, and Tarcisio Ramos.

The artists will share about their culture, language, traditions, roots and different perspectives about life. These artists wish to honor their heritage, where they come from, and what they offer to the Berkshire community.

Katunemo: Art & Healing is a group of immigrant artists who want to share their art and experiences. They create spaces where artists empower and support one another to take their art to the next level. They also seek to transmute energy to encourage and motivate healing through different artistic tools, not only for the artist but also for the rest of the community. Katunemo is the union of two words: Katupyry and Ñemohasäi. These are two words of Guarani origin, a native language of South America. Katupyry means bold, intelligent and refers to art. Ñemohasäi means to heal. Learn more about Katunemo: Art & Healing at

“The Journey III” is brought to you by Downtown Pittsfield, Inc. and Katunemo: Art & Healing in celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month. This is the third iteration of Katunemo’s “The Journey” Art Exhibition (“El viaje”). The first was at Race Brook Lodge in Sheffield, MA in July 2023 and the second (“The Journey II”) is at The Center for Peace through Culture in Housatonic, MA, which is on view now through October 15.

Downtown Pittsfield, Inc., in celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, will also feature an opportunity to purchase food from Lucia’s Latin Kitchen outside on Dunham Mall from 5 to 8 pm.

In addition, 23 year-old artist Nicole Herasme will demonstrate her painting process at Sotille Park, 200 North Street. This free live painting demonstration will be from 5 to 7 pm during the October 6 First Fridays Artswalk, rain or shine.

Nicole Herasme was born in a small town in Santiago de los caballeros Dominican Republic, and moved to the United States when she was 19 looking for better opportunities. She has recently found a great passion for photography and modeling, dedicated to learning and improving in these branches. She enjoys expressing her emotions through art such as painting, singing, dancing and poetry. Since she was little, she has felt called to help the people around her, that is why one of her goals is to help spread freedom of expression through art and healing in the Berkshires.

For more information on “The Journey III” and First Fridays Artswalk, call Downtown Pittsfield, Inc. at 413-443-6501. Download the Downtown Pittsfield app in the App Store or on Google Play to follow a virtual walking tour of art on your cell phone.



Featured images (left to right): Painting by Derly Toloza and Group shot of artists from Katunemo’s “The Journey II”, photo by Carla Mirella Dias



El viaje III será una exposición sobre el trabajo de más de quince artistas de diferentes países de América Latina y Europa. Compartirán sobre su cultura, idioma, tradiciones, raíces y diferentes perspectivas sobre la vida. Como artistas quieren honrar su herencia, de dónde vienen y qué ofrecen a la comunidad de Berkshire como hispanos.